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The Week in Comics #8

This was a small week for me, though I augmented it with a couple issues I picked up on sale. Next week looks to be a big one, so keeping an eye on the budget was a necessity. Still, there were good comics to be read...

Secret Six #31 - It appears I'm becoming a regular reader of this book, as this is the third issue in a row I've picked up (and the first that doesn't cross over with another title). The issue starts out on a humorous note with an ad for the team that includes King Shark's contributions being described as "biting and chewing" and a complaint about the name of the group that actually has eight members. From there things get more serious and a lot more creepy. Apparently the group got a "Get Out of Hell Free"card at some point and more than one member wants to use it. Plus, Scandal's girlfriend has a hot sauce-loving stalker. I'm going to stick around.

Superboy #4 - This has been in my file for a few weeks and I used the quiet week to dig it out. This continues the story of Psionic Lad, who appears to be an ally from the future who needs Superboy's help...but really isn't. This is solid comics but nothing great; the art didn't work as well for me this time out either. I probably will pick up the next issue with the race between Superboy and Kid Flash and then see what I want to do from there.

Doom Patrol #19 - This is the second part of the story begun in the last issue of Secret Six but was gone from the shelves of my comics shop the day it came out. I thought to look and see if some reorders had come in while I was shopping the sale yesterday and obviously had success. The fun interaction between the two teams continued but there was also a lot going on with the Doom Patrol and the politics of Oolong Island. This title is getting canceled soon but it may be worth picking up in trade format. This issue could have used more Ambush Bug but that's a minor complaint from this Bug fanboy.

Power Man and Iron Fist #1 - This was my other single issue sale purchase because I just liked the idea of reading a book with this title. I was not disappointed. I didn't know anything about the new Power Man and had no problem following along. The interplay between he and Danny Rand was compelling and the villains were a ton of fun - Commedia Dell' Morte, Don of the Dead, and Noir. The second issue is out now and I will be grabbing it very soon.


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Summer is here and I'm happy that it is. Jill finished school this week, but Grant and I have to go through Friday. I have the week off from my TTT course, so I'm going to catch up on some reading and TV. There was baseball I could watch yesterday and I can watch some again today, so you can bet I'll be doing that. Few things bring me joy more than baseball and a book in my lap for between innings.

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I've recently found myself listening to albums that came out 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years ago. Here are some thoughts...

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