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Sunday Scots #3 (Sunday Shuffle #462)

I wasn't sure what artist with which I would close out this July run of Sunday Shuffles, even as of Friday. Yesterday, however, I discovered that Teenage Fanclub's Songs From Northern Britain turned 20. I think 1997 was a great year for music (and have been thinking about a series of posts on that fact) and that album in particular is one of my favorites, which made a Fannies shuffle a no-brainer. I've had Here on CD for a while now, but my drive hasn't wanted to let me rip discs for a while; luckily, Amazon has the mp3 version on sale for $5.99, so I double-dipped. I do love it and have listened to it a ton, but this explains the non-existent iTunes playcounts for its songs. Surprisingly, my last Sunday Scots was 13 months ago, so I am ready to gorge on their music and I hope you are too...

1. Satan (14) - from Bandwagonesque
2. It's A Bad World (33) - from Songs From Northern Britain
3. Don't Hide (14) - from Man-Made
4. Slow Fade (15) - from Man-Made
5. Ain&…

Sunday Superchunk #3 (Sunday Shuffle #461)

I probably should have done this Superchunk shuffle last week, since that's when my call about the band made it on an episode of Rockin' the Suburbs, but it doesn't really matter. I last did one of these on July 19, 2015, so it's definitely time for another. Superchunk is one of my favorite bands and I've had three of their albums in my running playlist for a while (plus the two songs I talked about on the podcast). I hope we get an announcement of a new album very soon. Anyway, let's get to today's ten...

1. From The Curve (27) - from On the Mouth
2. You Can Always Count On Me (In The Worst Way) (25) - from Come Pick Me Up
3. Breaking Down (39) - from I Hate Music
4. Winter Games (31) - from Majesty Shredding
5. Smarter Hearts (19) - from Come Pick Me Up
6. Watery Hands (27) - from Indoor Living
7. Without Blinking (21) - from Foolish
8. Martinis On The Roof (20) - from Indoor Living
9. Act Surprised (16) - from Here's To Shutting Up
10. Slow Drip (29)…

Sunday Steady #2 (Sunday Shuffle #460)

I decided that I would do artist-dedicated Sunday Shuffles for the rest of the month, because why not. I picked The Hold Steady this week after a brief conversation with a friend about Boys and Girls in America, which was covered on an episode of The Great Albums podcast. Plus, nothing like some rock and roll in the summertime, right?

1. Big Cig (6) - from Teeth Dreams
2. The Weekenders (18) - from Heaven Is Whenever
3. Cattle & The Creeping Things (15) - from Separation Sunday
4. Certain Songs (9) - from Almost Killed Me
5. Same Kooks (13) - from Boys and Girls in America
6. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night (11) - from Separation Sunday
7. The Ambassador (6) - from Teeth Dreams
8. The Only Thing (6) - from Teeth Dreams
9. The Smidge (16) - from Heaven Is Whenever
10. On With The Business (8) - from Teeth Dreams

Sunday Spoon #4 (Sunday Shuffle #459)

The last Sunday Spoon was only back in February, right before the new album came out, so why am I doing another one already? Well, this weekend saw the 10 anniversary of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which might be my favorite Spoon album, so I thought it would be good to celebrate the band today. In addition, I bought/downloaded the aforementioned new album, Hot Thoughts, last night so that I could have all of their music available today. I really like Hot Thoughts, but had only been listening via Spotify. All of that means Spoon gets their 4th edition of the Shuffle, which is the most by any artist.

Before we get to today's ten, I want to quickly mention we are going to see Spider-Man: Homecoming this morning. Can't wait!

1. Hot Thoughts (2) - from Hot Thoughts
2. Who Makes Your Money (25) - from Transference
3. Staring at the Board (19) - from A Series of Sneaks
4. Cvantez (9) - from Telephono
5. Do I Have To Talk You Into It (2) - from Hot Thoughts
6. I Didn't Come Here to Die (12) …