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Sunday Shuffle #286

Hard to believe it's the last Sunday in June already...

1. Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk/Lightspeed Champion (3) - last played on 2/24/11
2. I am Morris Townsend (No-Fi Transmission) - The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (5) - last played on 11/20/11
3. The Rabbit, The Bat & The Reindeer/Dr. Dog (4) - last played on 8/10/11
4. Aly, Walk With Me/The Raveonettes (4) - last played on 7/18/11
5. My Heart's Reflection/Yo La Tengo (3) - last played on 11/27/11
6. Dead End/The Format (4) - last played on 12/18/11
7. One For The Cutters/The Hold Steady (6) - last played on 5/13/12
8. She Loves You [Mono]/The Beatles (4) - last played on 2/5/12
9. It's Plain To See/Sloan (20) - last played on 4/11/12
10. Out The Door/Ben Kweller (13) - last played on 5/10/12

Unpossible To Alpha

I have not done a good job of talking about the books I've been reading, so here's a rundown of everything I've read since the last time I did so (which was back in the middle of March. Yikes!)....

Unpossible and Other Stories by Daryl Gregory - When I read the titular story when it was first published in F&SF, I knew that Gregory was a writer worth reading. "Unpossible" is about a man who used to travel between worlds when he was a child and how he tries to do it now that he's middle-aged and it is utterly brilliant. Other stories are about a world of super-heroes and villains (for which I am a sucker), the rise of a new religion, a woman who spends most of her time thinking and needs others to watch her body, and so much more. All are well worth reading.

Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records by John Cook with Mac McCaughn and Laura Ballance - Merge Records is one of, if not the best record label out there. This book came out a few years ago to celebrate M…

Sunday Shuffle #285

No preamble today - just right to the music...

1. Everybody Knows Everybody/Earlimart (4) - last played on 1/22/12
2. Shrinking Violet/Bishop Allen (2) - last played on 5/1/10
3. Furr/Blitzen Trapper (5) - last played on 4/29/12
4. Dirty Rag/Justin Townes Earle (5) - 10/5/11
5. The Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned)/The Decembersists (5) - last played on 12/11/11
6. Pop Lie/Okkervil River (3) - last played on 8/12/11
7. Jimmie Standing In The Rain/Elvis Costello (8) - last played on 7/19/11
8. Conversation 16/The National (23) - last played on 11/17/11
9. Big Julie/Jarvis Cocker (2) - last played on 4/7/10
10. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi/Radiohead (8) - last played on 8/25/11

Sunday Shuffle #284

Well, we watched 6 more episodes of Game of Thrones Season 2, leaving us only a pair left to go. I also managed to finish Catching Fire last night, though I had to leave the dishes unwashed until this morning to do so. It was worth it. The question now becomes, how long do I wait to read Mockingjay? I have a bunch of books out from the library and more waiting for me there as well, so it will be a little bit. Guess I'm going to have to read a lot. A hardship, for sure. Oh, and I read another issue of The Unwritten too.

None of that has anything to do with this feature, of course, so let's get to today's ten...

1. Dizzy/Luna (4) - I wanna help you understand
2. Backstabbin'/Sloan (11) - There's one thing then another thing
3. Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart/Fountains of Wayne (13) - Staring at the sun with no pants on
4. Sweetest Kill/Broken Social Scene (6) - I got you in the sweetest kill
5. All to Shit/Lightspeed Champion (2) - This is all going all to shit

Games > Projects

A few weeks back I talked about some summer projects that I would like to do on the blog. You may have noticed that there have been no Fringe Fridays posts, no talk about Unwritten Month, and no entries for Film School. That's because I haven't watched an episode of Fringe, have only read 3 issues of The Unwritten in 8 days, and have not watched a movie. Why? Game of Thrones and Catching Fire, the 2nd book of The Hunger Games trilogy.

I watched Game of Thrones as it aired last year and thought they did a great job adapting the book, which I read right before the series started. I told my wife she should watch it but she didn't. When Season 1 came out on Blu-Ray a couple months back, our friend picked up the series and over the last couple weeks we've convinced my wife to watch it. Of course, she loves it. It's been interesting to watch it again and see how much they foreshadowed where the story was going to go. My favorite characters remain the same this second tim…

Sunday Shuffle #283

It's the last Sunday of the school year and I'm ready for summer break. We only have one normal day this week - the rest will be field day or field trips or awards. I'm looking forward to having only one job for a while. Other posts are in progress and I hope to be a little more consistent as June progresses. In any event, we'll get to today's ten...
1. East Coast Time/Warren Zanes (2) - last played on 11/12/10 2. Crudely Drawn/The Drams (3) - last played on 8/11/11 3. 15 Step/Radiohead (7) - last played on 8/25/11 4. Perth/Bon Iver (6) - last played on 4/30/12 5. Natural Disaster/Andrew Bird (4) - last played on 7/7/11 6. Ill Wills/Shout Out Louds (4) - last played on 2/13/11 7. Fables/The Dodos (2) - last played on 5/30/10 8. Hard Rain/Shout Out Louds (2) - last played on 7/18/10 9. In a Cave/Tokyo Police Club (7) - last played on 1/29/12 10. Brain Gallop/Stephen Malkmus (10) - last played on 1/11/12