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Sunday Scots #2 (Sunday Shuffle #417)

The first Sunday Scots edition of the Shuffle was back on March 29 of last year (my 44th birthday even). At the time, I said that Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub was saying they were close to finishing a new album and I was excited by that prospect. It wasn't until this week, however, that they announced the new album, Here, will be coming out on Sept. 9. Furthermore, they released the first song and I'm already in love with "I'm In Love." Since I have the band on the brain, I figured it was a perfect time for the second edition of Sunday Scots. I'm also sure that the third edition will happen not long after Here comes out.

A note before we get to today's ten: The Shuffle will not appear next Sunday, as we will be hanging out on Canada Lake in the Adirondacks with family for the 4th of July weekend. I hope everyone enjoys that weekend as much as I'm sure I will. Okay, music time...

1, I Gotta Know (16) - from Grand Prix
2. Commercial Alternative (9) -…

Sunday Soar (Sunday Shuffle #416)

It's time for another themed installment of Sunday Shuffle and today I'm focusing on Band of Horses. Their new album, Why Are You OK, came out just over a week ago and I've given it a few spins. It's a solid entry into their catalog, which includes four other albums; the 10th anniversary of their first album, Everything All The Time, occurred back in March. There are 55 songs spread over those five albums (the first album and Cease To Begin were only recently loaded into iTunes), which means we'll get to 18% of them this morning. Before we get to today's ten, I'd like to take a moment and wish a Happy Father's Day to those it applies to, with a special mention to two big music fans who are celebrating their first one - Ryan McCracken (my awesome cousin) and Brett Evans (who just became a father this week)! Alright, let's hear some tunes!

1. Neighbor (30) - from Infinite Arms
2. Compliments (29) - from Infinite Arms
3. Weed Party (7) - from Everythin…

Sunday Shuffle #415

It's a late edition of the Sunday Shuffle this week. Grant's graduation and open house were the events of the weekend, so it's been a little busy around here. I've been back from taking my brother to the airport for about a half hour and there's no way I can focus on any schoolwork today, so I thought I listen to some music and veg out for a bit. Hope everyone else has enjoyed their weekend as much as we did!

1. Backstabbin'/Sloan (19) - last played on 1/9/16
2. Reverse Running/Atoms For Peace (8) - last played on 12/5/13
3. Be Invited/The Twilight Singers (12) - last played on 5/22/16
4. Miss The Misery/Foo Fighters (34) - last played on 6/10/16
5. Pieces/Dinosaur Jr. (16) - last played on 3/6/16
6. Valerie/Crooked Fingers (8) - last played on 1/30/16
7. Fortune Teller/Sugar (9) - last played on 5/5/16
8. Honey Bee/Superchunk (21) - last played on 7/13/15
9. Delta Momma Blues/Steve Earle (4) - last played on 4/14/13
10. Play The Part/Little Joy (7) - last play…

Sunday Shuffle #414

I'd started a non-Sunday Shuffle post a few days ago, deciding I should use June to get back to some actual content...but I gave up pretty quickly. I still have two weeks left of my teaching course and Grant graduates next weekend and I start swimming lessons tomorrow, so time isn't my friend right now. Add to that the fact I'm way behind my book pace for the year and I still have a bunch of TV shows to catch up on and podcasts galore, so I'm not really up on things to write about either. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll be ready to go. Until then, you'll get some more Sunday Shuffles.

Here are today's ten...

1. Rude/Dinosaur Jr. (13) - last played on 6/4/16
2. Roscoe/Midlake (7) - last played on 3/12/15
3. History of Lovers//Iron And Wine/Calexico (6) - last played on 2/28/16
4. Everywhere/Ex Hex (18) - last played on 4/18/16
5. Step/Vampire Weekend (18) - last played on 4/26/15
6. Wonderful/Josh Rouse (5) - last played on 8/16/15
7. The Well and the Lighth…