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Sunday Sweet (Sunday Shuffle #408)

I still can't wrap my head around the news that Matthew Sweet is playing the Popcorn Festival this year. I have been a fan for almost 25 years, ever since Girlfriend came out in October 1991. That album is in my top ten, for sure, and could even be my all-time favorite. His 1995 album 100% Fun is also a favorite and I never take a road trip with the CD in the car. Heck, his music is probably what fueled my love of power pop. So, this news is pretty darn exciting.

I decided to load his CDs into iTunes last night, so I could do a shuffle with his music today. I had a couple albums in already, but the play counts are going to be extremely low today. Oh well. I've listened to all these songs many many times. I'm sure that by the time the concert comes around (and I most likely do another Sunday Sweet) the play counts will be higher.

If you're not familiar with his music (or forgot about him since in the mid-90s), check out the Spotify playlist that I'll link to later t…

Sunday Shuffle #407

Life is very busy right now, so my Saturday Song idea is on hold for a while. I'll get back to it when I can. Meanwhile, I have quite a bit of schoolwork to do today, so let's get right to today's ten...

1. Ill Wills/Shout Out Louds (7) - last played on 3/14/15
2. Sunken Union Boat/John Vanderslice (5) - last played on 1/18/15
3. The Great Unknown/The Damnwells (9) - last played on 4/4/15
4. Sean/Foo Fighters (9) - last played on 3/22/16
5. Blankest Year/Nada Surf (5) - last played on 4/6/16
6. Flaming Heart/M. Ward (6) - last played on 3/20/15
7. Satanic Messiah/The Mountain Goats (6) - last played on 4/24/15
8. You Can't Help Me Now/The Both (11) - last played on 7/21/15
9. Calculating Bimbo/Belle & Sebastian (15) - last played on 1/13/15
10. Give It Time/Old 97s (15) - last played on 3/26/16

Sunday Sloan #2 (Sunday Shuffle #406)

I've been slacking on my music posts over the past two weekends, skipping two potential Saturday Songs and a Sunday Shuffle. It can be blamed on my spring break or on the fact I've been listening to a whole bunch of new music or that I've been trying to catch up on TV. I used to get annoyed with myself when I missed weeks, but these days I'm okay with it.

I know my last Shuffle was dedicated to one artist, but I couldn't help myself today. Last night I was listening to One Chord To Another, which Sloan just put out in a deluxe vinyl version (these are times when I wish I had a record player), and went on YouTube to find the b-sides. From there, I rewatched their KEXP performance from when Commonwealth had come out...and then I watched a show they did at Massey Hall that was just put up in December. So, the Sloan addiction is full on this morning. If you don't know this band, please listen to the Spotify playlist that I'll put up later. You won't regret …