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Heavy Rotation #33

It's just under 2 months since the last Heavy Rotation, which might be the shortest gap between them ever. I also have a few others albums I played a handful of times, such as Violent Femmes' self-titled, but not quite enough to include here. A fact worth noting is that half of these I have been listening to via CD; in fact, I've picked up more CDs in the past few months than I have in years. Anyway, here are some words about what I've been spinning (physically or digitally) of late...

Buffalo Tom/Quiet and Peace - Last time out I wrote about their album Skins and talked a little about the band and my history with them. Quiet and Peace is their brand-new one and the third since their almost decade long hiatus; as much I like Skins, this one is even better.

The opener is "All Be Gone" and it was the first song to be released from the album. I liked it from the start - a charging beat, a soaring melody in the chorus, a tasty guitar solo. It took me a while to ca…

Sunday Sloan #4 (Sunday Shuffle #477)

The last time I had a Sloan-centric edition of the Shuffle was back in November 2016, right before I saw them in concert for the first time. They have a new album coming out on April 6, so it's time to start listening to their music in preparation and this is the perfect kickoff to that. This will be their 12th album (appropriately titled 12); I have albums #2-11 (plus 1 EP and a couple new songs from their best-of...I will skip the Christmas singles if they pop up) loaded into my iTunes, so today's shuffle will go as long as it takes to get each album represented. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go see them again when they come to Chicago in June...if anyone wants to go, let me know!

Let's get to today's yet-to-be-determined number of songs...

1. A Side Wins (25) - from One Chord To Another
2. She's Slowin' Down Again (30) - from The Double Cross
3. Shame Shame (20) - from Twice Removed
4. I Was Wrong (21) - from Action Pact
5. The Good In Everyone (24) -…