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Sunday Shuffle #332/333

I won't have a chance to do a Shuffle next Sunday, so I thought I'd do a "double issue" this week. So, here are today's twenty...

1. I'm Done Running from You/Mikal Cronin (4) - last played on 6/18/13
2. Lionesse/White Rabbits (6) - last played on 3/24/13
3. She Wears My Hair/The Soft Boys (4) - last played on 6/23/13
4. Andiamo/The Twilight Singers (4) - last played on 10/16/11
5. Wave Of Mutilation/I Wanna Be Sedated/Rhett Miller (5) - last played on 3/313
6. Alive Among Thieves/Oakley Hall (3) - last played on 1/1/12
7. Swimmers/Broken Social Scene (4) - last played on 10/2/11
8. Be Invited/The Twilight Singers (9) - last played on 3/24/13
9. And The Glitter Is Gone/Yo La Tengo (4) - last played on 5/29/11
10. California Stars/Rhett Miller (6) - last played on 12/12/12
11. When I Lose My Eyes/Saturday Looks Good To Me (6) - last played on 7/15/12
12. Angels On A Passing Train/Marah (7) - last played on 3/24/13
13. European Oils/Destroyer (4) - last played …

Sunday Shuffle #331

I'm starting this later than I usually's just past 1:30 and I've got the White Sox/Royals game on, hoping the Sox can sweep. At first, I wasn't going to do a shuffle today (and didn't do one last week) but I just now decided "why not." So, here are today's ten...

1. She Wears My Hair/The Soft Boys (3) - last played on 2/24/13
2. Big Darkness/Crooked Fingers (6) - last played on 4/8/12
3. Maggie/Cracker (4) - last played on 4/15/12
4. Roosevelt Island/Eleanor Friedberger (8) - last played on 11/18/12
5. Go Ahead/The Rosebuds (7) - last played on 12/27/11
6. Little Red Corvette/Prince (4) - last played on 4/22/12
7. Cruel/St. Vincent (12) - last played on 11/4/12
8. No Lucifer/British Sea Power (2) - last played on 5/20/10
9. Codex/Radiohead (9) - last played on 12/29/12
10. June Hymn/The Decemberists (18) - last played on 8/10/12

Recent Reading

Last weekend I had a hard time deciding which of the too-many books in my TBR pile I wanted to start, so I ended up reading some single issues and finishing a trade instead. After that, I made a decision and managed to read a book during a busy week. Oh, and the new issue of Astro City came out. Some thoughts...

Astro City: Confession - I love what Kurt Busiek does with this six-part storyline. It's the story of Brian, who moves to Astro City after the death of his father and sets about getting involved in the world of super-heroes. He manages to get noticed and becomes Altar Boy, the sidekick of The Confessor. That's the basic plot and it sounds like a typical type of super-hero comic. It's not. Sure, we are given some scenes of The Confessor training Brian but those scenes are marginally about the nuts and bolts of fighting crime with no powers and a cape. Brian is also learning how to be a detective and about that world of super-heroes he is joining. This story deals wit…

Sunday Shuffle #330

This is my transitional Sunday - the school year is over and my summer of swimming lessons starts tomorrow. Not sure how ready I am for it but that doesn't much matter, does it? Today I want to watch the French Open men's final between Nadal and Ferrer and hopefully watch the Spurs take a 2-0 lead over the heat. For now, today's ten...

1. Just Listen/Two Hours Traffic (4) - last played on 2/26/13 2. I Know These Waters Well/Apex Manor (17) - last played on 1/17/13 3. Too Hard/Kurt Vile (2) - last played on 6/3/13 (just bought this!) 4. The Shape of the Sum/I Love Math (4) - last played on 3/25/12 5. Every Single Instinct/Superchunk (14) - last played on 3/28/12 6. Snakes of Hawaii/Army Navy (5) - last played on 9/17/12 7. Holy Roller/Apex Manor (15) - last played on 3/1/12 8. Losin You/Amy Millan (5) - last played on 10/21/12 9. Paranoia in Bb Minor/The Avett Brothers (3) - last played on 2/18/12 10. Country Sad Ballad Man (Live Acoustic Version)/Blur (1) - debut

Sunday Shuffle #329

I've put up three posts since last Sunday, including two last night, so if you haven't seen them, please go back and take a look. Today is the last Sunday of the school year - four more days gets us to summer break (my wife has already started hers). Oh, and go Blackhawks and Pacers!

1. Mirror in the Dark/Twin Shadow (5) - last played on 12/20/12
2. Out Of My Hand/Michael Penn (8) - last played on 2/13/13
3. Forced To Love/Broken Social Scene (6) - last played on 3/10/13
4. Born A Woman/Nick Lowe (3) - last played on 5/1/11
5. Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five/Shearwater (7) - last played on 3/28/12
6. Girl In The War/Josh Ritter (5) - last played on 4/26/13
7. Cover Ears/The Rosebuds (7) - last played on 2/17/13
8. With Or Without You/U2 (4) - last played on 5/19/13
9. The Night Starts Here/Stars (5) - last played on 1/13/13
10. Dressy/Reigning Sound (3) - last played on 4/28/12

Monthly Mix #2: You Cannot Wrestle A Dove

Here is my May mix, filled with songs I could not get out of my head...and didn't want to...

1. Cannonball/The Breeders - Last Splash is 20 years old and just got reissued in a deluxe edition, which means I've had this song lodged in my head once again. It's still an oddball of a tune but all those elements come together to form a super-catchy song.
2. Breakers/Local Natives - This is off their new album, Hummingbird. I heard it on KEXP a few times and fell for it. The soaring "ooo"s are really hard to beat, aren't they? I have as yet to explore the rest of the album, so I don't know if this is a band I like or just a song. Well, I do like the song already, don't I? Hope it catches your ear too.
3. Sea of Love/The National - A few songs were released ahead of the new album but this was the first that truly caught my attention (and not just for the video). It's got that surging, pounding drumbeat with the bass locked in step and then when it pauses fo…

Mega-Post #3

It's been quite a while since I posted something that was a Sunday Shuffle, Heavy Rotation, or Monthly Mix, which means it's well past time to get caught up with my pop culture intake...


Yes, I've read 13 books since last time I wrote about books. I'll try to keep my comments short...

A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin - I took just over three weeks to read this, though I did read a couple others during that time as well. The first half of the book does great character work and the second half is full of big event after big event and made me leave any other reading aside. It's my favorite book of the series so far and the first half or so is being adapted into the current season of Game of Thrones, which I also recommend.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell - On the surface, I should have liked this a lot. It's a romance set in the 80s and the titular characters are into the things I was into - I was the same age during that time period. An…