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Heavy Rotation #24

It's been well over a year since the last Heavy Rotation but I've been hitting these albums pretty hard over the past couple weeks, so it's time for a new installment...

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals/Cold Roses - I think I've mentioned by big Ryan Adams listen last fall in the run-up to his great self-titled release. I'd been a fan in the early 2000s and then lost touch due to the sheer volume of music he put out. Out of all the albums that were new to me, Cold Roses made the biggest impression. It's a double album and while that can sometimes lead to bloat, I've always admired the ambition of doing one (and I don't think there's bloat in this case). "Magnolia Mountain," a perfect shambling rocker, opens the album and it's followed by the more melancholy "Sweet Illusions"; a great 1-2 punch. Later on the first disc, I love the repeated "I could never close/I could never get close enough/I could never get close enough...t…

Super Bowl Shuffle 2015 (Sunday Shuffle #358)

It's a good thing the Super Bowl party I'm going to is next door because today's snowstorm means traveling much farther than that is a no go. My parents were supposed to come as well but they are snowed in and even had church cancelled this morning.

As for the game itself, I'm more rooting against the Patriots than rooting for the Seahawks but I do hope it's at least competitive.

I'm going to do something quite different today. Every Sunday I do this shuffle, I let the music run long after the first 10. Some days I might listen to 100 songs this way or more. So, in honor of Super Bowl XLIX I'm going to list the first 49 songs that pop up today. Crazy, yes, but why not...

1. Bartomelo And The Buzzing Of Bees/Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (16) - last played on 9/15/13
2. Let's Love/Matthew Sweet (7) - last played on 4/15/12
3. Karen/The National (1) - loaded onto iTunes some time in Dec. 2014
4. Black Hole/She & Him (9) - last played on 6/23/13
5. The…