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Sunday Shuffle #269

I've got a lot I want/need to accomplish today; in fact, I'm going to make a to-do list for the first time in a long time. Not sure how much of the Oscars I'll watch tonight - depends on how much I get done. Anyway, let's get to today's ten.

1. Beautiful Car/M. Ward (2) - I was washing antique cars working part-time for my dad after school
2. Attention/Gentleman Jesse (3) - I seen you running around acting like a fool like it means something to me
3. Honey/Best Coast (6) - Honey so fine I wanna be with you all of the time
4. Honey Bee/Superchunk (8) - There was a time I could keep up with you
5. 18,000 Lira/Art Brut (6) - 18,000 lira, 18,000 lira, 18,000 lira
6. Your Past Life as a Blast/Okkervil River (11) - Your life back in a banner year
7. Kiss/Prince (1) - You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on
8. La Pelicula/Portastatic (2) - (instrumental)
9. His Majesty Rides/Josh Rouse (4) - Come, come up, and slip into something
10. Positive Vibrations/The Soft …

Sunday Shuffle #268

It's the third day of a four day weekend. My biggest task for the day is to try and get 7 or 8 pages of the first part of my Capstone paper, which will be 25 pages or so when it's all said and done. The section I'm working on today deals with Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Wire. If I can get it all done today, I can mostly enjoy tomorrow. But enough about that, let's get to today's ten...

1. Jigsaw/Mates of State (4) - last played on 12/31/11
2. Awkward Kisser/Telekinesis (8) - last played on 9/4/11
3. Church Underground/Elvis Costello (8) - last played on 7/6/11
4. Horophones/The Love Language (12) - last played on 8/14/11
5. All The Same/The Smithereens (11) - last played on 12/19/11
6. Throwing Things/Superchunk (19) - last played on 2/12/12
7. Nantes/Beirut (2) - last played on 6/11/11
8. Lord, I'm Discouraged/The Hold Steady (4) - last played on 1/19/12
9. Time Spent in Los Angeles/Dawes (8) - last played on 12/22/11
10. If I Were Going/The Afghan …

Pop Culture Valentines

I thought I'd take a few minutes to show some love to a few things I've been digging lately...

Chew Vol. 3: Just Desserts - I don't know how long this trade has been sitting in my stack but it's got to be at least six months. I have no good reason why I haven't gotten to it yet and after reading it that goes double. For those who don't know, Chew is the story of Tony Chu, a cibopath who works for the FDA in a future where chicken is illegal after a bird flu epidemic. What's a cibopath, you ask? Someone who can taste where food came from...and who can taste someone's blood to figure out what happened to them. That skill does come into play here. This series is funny and fun and gross and engaging. I will soon be ordering Vol. 4 and won't wait months upon months to read it.

Happy Endings - I jumped into watching this show over Christmas break and I've still probably seen only six or so episodes. That said, I'm becoming a big fan. The six friends…

Sunday Shuffle #267

I have a lot on my plate for today, so let's get right to today's ten...
1. Isn't It A Lovely Night?/The Decemberists (4) 2. Skin Deep/Nick Lowe (4) 3. Old Pervert/The Soft Boys (6) 4. Dead Sound/The Raveonettes (3) 5. Reservations/Spoon (9) 6. You Really Got a Hold on Me/She & Him (6) 7. Sin City/The Essex Green (4) 8. Throwing Things/Superchunk (18) 9. The Salesman (Tramp Life)/White Rabbits (3) 10. Harvey Haddix/The Baseball Project (4)

Rooks, Stars, and a Spider-Man

I've been thinking a bit lately about how many books I will never get to read. That's not a new idea, of course, but it's one that makes me sad from time to time. A good way to combat the feeling is to start reading a book and have it be one that I really like. Here are two such books I read recently...

I'd heard some buzz about Daniel O'Malley's The Rook before the end of the year, enough to request it at the library. It's a book about a secret government organization in Britain called the Checquy that is responsible for fighting off supernatural menaces and the like (there's also an American Checquy). We learn about this world through the eyes of Myfanwy Thomas, who is also learning about this world. The thing is that Myfanwy isn't exactly Myfanwy. Myfanwy Thomas is a Rook in the Checquy, a position of great importance and power. The Myfanwy we meet at the beginning of the book has the body of Myfanwy but is a completely new personality. The origi…

Sunday Shuffle #266

Today's alternative title is the Super Bowl Sunday Shuffle, of course. I don't really have a horse in the race in tonight's game; I just want to see a good competitive game. I had meant to get another post up this week and maybe I will yet today. In the meantime, though, let's get to today's ten...

1. Call Me/Reigning Sound (4) - last played on 11/12/11
2. Lover Like You/The Avett Brothers (4) - last played on 2/15/11
3. Pretty Girl from Chile/The Avett Brothers (4) - last played on 9/26/11
4. She Loves You (Mono)/The Beatles (3) - last played on 11/22/11
5. Insanely Jealous/The Soft Boys (3) - last played on 6/26/11
6. She Says What She Means/Sloan (6) - last played on 8/20/11
7. Set Yourself On Fire/Stars (1) - debut play; recently ripped from CD for a friend
8. These Days Nothing But Sunshine/The Clientele (4) - last played on 11/20/11
9. Perfume-V/Pavement (4) - last played on 1/12/12
10. Handjobs For The Holidays/Broken Social Scene (2) - last played on 4/24/1…