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Sunday Shuffle #368

Another Sunday of starting this but not knowing when I'm going to finish. Going for a run in short order and then I have an in-service for swimming lessons at noon plus all the usual Sunday chores. Really, it would be a day not to bother but I feel like doing one. And so, on to today's ten...

1. Ain't That the Way/Divine Fits (24) - last played on 5/3/15
2. Laissez-faire/Telekinesis (13) - last played on 11/3/14
3. Banging Camp/The Hold Steady (12) - last played on 5/9/15
4. (Even If You Die On The) Ocean/Saturday Looks Good To Me (7) - last played on 5/27/13
5. She Tows The Line/Crooked Fingers (11) - last played on 12/10/12
6. Woman/Joseph Arthur (4) - last played on 6/27/10
7. Stay With Me/Ryan Adams (8) - last played on 5/23/15
8. Gotta Get Up/Harry Nilsson (5) - last played on 3/19/15
9. Don't You Believe a Word/Sloan (11) - last played on 11/26/14
10. After All The Roads Have Lead to Nowhere (Live)/Sugar (1) - debut

Sunday Shuffle #367

I'm starting this shuffle just after 9:00 but I'm not sure when I'll finish, as I'm going to see Mad Max: Fury Road in a little bit. I was under the weather on Thursday and Friday but by last night I started feeling like myself again. I ran 3 miles this morning and felt pretty good even though I tired about halfway through. Anyway, none of that has to do with the actual music, so here's today's ten...

1. Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed On The Roof Of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979/Okkervil River (6) - last played on 11/16/14
2. Don't Tell Your Eyes/Joseph Arthur (5) - last played on 1/18/15
3. Rock 'n' Roll Toilet (Mark 2)/The Soft Boys (4) - last played on 5/3/15
4. Lord, I'm Discouraged/The Hold Steady (9) - last played on 3/20/15
5. Promises/The Morning Benders (10) - last played on 11/16/14
6. Murdering Oscar/Patterson Hood (7) - last played on 2/3/13
7. Turn It Around/The Smithereens (11) - last played on 4/18/15
8. Play Tough/Apples In Stereo (5…

Sunday Steady (Sunday Shuffle #366)

The Hold Steady's second album, Separation Sunday, celebrated its 10th anniversary last weekend. It was the album that hooked me on the band...I'd probably heard a song on KEXP and decided to take a shot. I loved the mixture of storytelling and rock music and became a fan. So, today we're going to shuffle through their music. The play counts are lower because I haven't listened to them as much since I reconstructed iTunes 5 years ago, except for Heaven Is Whenever, which came out after that time. I've only recently put their 2014 album, Teeth Dreams, in iTunes but I've listened to it on Spotify many times. Anyway, let's get to the music...

1. Big Cig (2) - from Teeth Dreams
2. Same Kooks (8) - from Boys and Girls in America
3. Massive Nights (9) - from Boys and Girls in America
4. Rock Problems (17) - from Heaven Is Whenever
5. One For The Cutters (10) - from Stay Positive
6. Teenage Liberation (4) - outtake from Boys and Girls in America
7. You Gotta Dance…

Sunday Shuffle #365

As I start typing, I have just over 6 hours until I can finally see the new Avengers movie. I've been staying off of Twitter for days so I don't get inadvertently spoiled. I really hope it's good. So, today's shuffle is as much a distraction for me as anything else.
Oh, and with today's edition I've now done a year's worth of Sunday Shuffles. Wow.
1. Don't You Wanna Come Out/The Redwalls (6) - last played on 3/9/15 2. Hoover Dam (Live)/Sugar (1) - bonus material from the Copper Blue reissue 3. Pretty Bird/Jenny Lewis (6) - last played on 3/14/15 4. Lion's Teeth/The Mountain Goats (2) - last played on 4/8/15 5. Ain't That the Way/Divine Fits (23) - last played on 3/23/15 6. Complicated Man/Rhett Miller (10) - last played on 9/1/13 7. Underwater Moonlight (Early Version)/The Soft Boys (4) - last played on 3/3/13 8. Two Seats Gold Reserve/Centro-Matic (6) - last played on 4/14/13 9. Bright Ideas/Portastatic (1) - from the album of the same name 10.…