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Sunday Superchunk #2 (Sunday Shuffle #373)

This would actually be the perfect weekend to do a Wilco shuffle - we got a surprise new album called Star Wars on Thursday night and then they were amazing at the Pitchfork Music Festival on Friday night. However, I have almost all of their music on CD...which makes shuffling a bit difficult.

So instead, I'm going to bring Superchunk back for round two. I just wrote about Come Pick Me Up and then heard them played on the Dad Rock podcast (which I just started listening to...more on which soon), so I'm itching to hear all of their music. Let's do that now...

1. Tie A Rope To The Back Of The Bus (20) - from No Pocky for Kitty
2. Iron On (11) - from Here's Where The Strings Come In
3. Untied (18) - from On the Mouth
4. Screw It Up (13) - from Leaves in the Gutter
5. Watery Hands (24) - from Indoor Living
6. Seed Toss (20) - from No Pocky for Kitty
7. Flawless (21) - from On the Mouth
8. Creek (22) - from No Pocky for Kitty
9. Rope Light (21) - from Majesty Shredding
10. …

Heavy Rotation #25

It's become more difficult to become immersed in any particular albums over a concentrated period of time. I love the fact that Spotify exists because I get to hear way more music than I ever used to...but it also makes it harder to remember what I've been listening to in any given week. I also don't really listen to music in the car or while I'm walking in town or even doing the dishes; instead, I'm listening to podcasts. I love that medium and am always trying to catch up (and usually failing) on the ones I like while also trying new ones. All that said, I am still just as passionate about music and do get into grooves with some albums. Here are the ones I've been listening to the most in the past month or two...

Courtney Barnett/Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit - I first became aware of Barnett when I heard her song "Avant Gardener" (possibly via All Songs Considered). I loved her lyrics, which were delivered in a singsong style an…